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Hello my readers and friends,

In this blog, I will write about LIFE, inside and outside books. As you may know, my first novel was all about Hidden Motives—what lies behind a person’s façade? What leads someone to behave in a certain way? To do the things they do? Is there such a thing as good, bad, moral and immoral?

Here we will discuss a wide variety of subjects. It’s an open blog, and I hope to talk about a diverse range of thoughts and opinions. I have one firm rule: No judging others for their opinions. I want everyone to feel free to politely express his or her thoughts and views.

Also, I intend to open discussions and hold contests about characters you want to see in my novels, so keep an eye out for upcoming posts. I really do value your opinion, and I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Starting soon, we are going to have a weekly chat, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask me anything, tell me stories or just exercise your right to criticize my work.

Welcome, and I hope to form many wonderful friendships here!




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